5 Tips You Need to Know About Writing a Successful Blog

5 Tips You Need to Know About Writing a Successful Blog

Did you know that companies who blog get 97% more links to their website? How about 77% of internet users read blogs? Or a whopping 409 million internet users read approximately 20 billion blog pages monthly? If you were unsure of the relevance of blogging in 2021, the above statistics should have reassured you that blogging is still one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Not only do blogs increase the interest in your product but they keep readers engaged on your website for longer. Your job? To provide your community with interesting and relevant content that they will engage with and share, generating more buzz around your brand. But where to start? We’ve come up with 5 blogging techniques that are proven to work.

1. Find your niche:

Before you begin writing, decide the focus of your blog. Research industry trends, events, and news as well as keeping an eye on what your competitors have been blogging about. This will help you to find your niche. Rather than writing about anything and everything, decide what topics will add value to your readers and generate further interest. While it’s tempting to direct the reader further along the sales funnel, remember that your blog should inform rather than promote. Be genuine in providing the reader with useful knowledge and avoid using this as an opportunity to sell something.

2. Know your audience:

People are reading your blog to gain some kind of value so your content needs to be hyper-targeted to their needs. Be aware of who your target audience is and what their interests and needs are before you begin writing. Always keep in mind that your content should be focused on those who are going to be reading it so give them what they want! People will revisit your blog if you consistently provide them with useful information so don’t hold back sharing tips and successes with your readers. Share the knowledge you have and empower others.

3. Grab your readers’ attention

Blog titles matter. Your title is the first thing readers will see and can determine whether they continue reading or not. When creating yours, keep it short and snappy. Titles with 6-13 words create the most consistent amount of traffic. 36% of readers prefer list-based headlines, providing readers with a useful list of things. The “how-to” headline is also a great way to engage readers who are trying to figure out how to do something. This kind of title gives them the confidence that if they read it, their questions will be answered.Remember the power your title has. You can write brilliant content but no one will read it if your headline doesn’t stand out. To click or not to click? Readers have a split second to make this decision so make sure your title is powerful, useful, simple and interesting.

4. Think about Key Words

Before you write, do a keyword search to identify which words your target audience may be searching for. Using keywords in your blog will help boost traffic to your website via search engines like Google because potential readers will search for keywords that may be featured in your blog. Once you’ve done your research, create a list of focused keywords and get writing! Use synonyms throughout your blog so you’re not flooding your readers with repeated keywords.

5. Include a “Call to Action”

The blog aims to drive more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness and generate more sales. Those reading your blog must be allowed to find out more about your fitness business. This is where CTAs (Call to Action) come in! Whether you want the reader to subscribe to your email list, provide contact information or visit other blogs on your website, a well-placed CTA provokes further action and gives the reader a chance to take real steps towards becoming a member of your fitness community. CTAs must be clear and strategically placed throughout the blog. Use eye-catching, brightly colored buttons to make sure readers continue engaging, whether that's directing them further along the sales funnel or providing them with the opportunity to access more content. Sharing is caring - make sure your share button is always visible so readers can easily share your content with others. It’s time to get writing! Tag Arbox in your blog or on social media so we can have a read as well.


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