6 Ways to Optimize Your Class Schedule

6 Ways to Optimize Your Class Schedule

As a business owner, nothing makes you happier than seeing your classes full of satisfied members safely enjoying themselves and reaching their fitness goals. The challenge is managing your class schedule to ensure plenty of opportunities for all to attend class. Arbox statistics reveal that your busiest classes are between 07.30 - 10.00 and then again between 16.00 - 20.00 with the majority of members attending classes during these periods. The busiest classes are 19.00 and 18.00 (in that order). The morning sessions have a larger class capacity because there are fewer classes offered in the morning when compared to the evening. Evening classes have a smaller class capacity limit as more sessions are offered so members have a greater choice as to which hours they choose to attend classes. What about the hours in between? Your business is at its quietest between 10.00 - 16.00 with at least a 50% decrease in class attendance. The big question is how do you manage your class schedule better to make the most out of this time? We’ve got some ideas to help you optimize club usage during your busiest and quietest periods.

  1. Consider running more than one class during your busiest hours, e.g. a HiiT class alongside a yoga class. If you have additional outdoor space, perhaps offer another outdoor class like a running club or jump rope skill session. Sunset yoga is also a great option if the weather permits it. This gives your members more class options, will increase lesson attendance, and re-engage members through flexible lesson options.
  2. Upskill yourself or your staff and provide pre and post-natal classes during your quieter hours. This demographic is massively under catered to and makes up a significant proportion of the wider community. Be sure to check all forms and waivers have been completed before moving forward with these classes. With postpartum women, you could suggest bringing their babies to the class so they can enjoy the best of both worlds.
  3. You don’t just want to be known as a great fitness business. Establish yourself as a go-to place for all things fitness-related. That includes fitness education! During the quieter hours, consider holding seminars and workshops for those in the industry, held by experts in their fields. It doesn’t mean that if you are a CrossFit box, you can’t hold a pilates seminar with a seasoned pro for other pilates coaches to attend.
  4. Personal trainers often need a place to train their clients. Why not provide them with a fully equipped space to rent during your quieter hours. They could pay a monthly fee, purchase PT punch cards, or pay by the hour.
  5. Consider approaching companies who have a WFH (work from home) policy because of COVID. Your fitness business can provide online or in-person workouts for staff during quieter/ lunchtime hours. If offices have reopened, offer the possibility of your coaches going to teach there during lunchtime or at scheduled times during the working day.  
  6. Lastly, plenty of school holidays can be capitalized on as long as you have the appropriate insurance and liability cover. Consider running kids’ exercise clubs during the quieter hours or hosting companies who provide extra-curricular activities and charging for the space.

There are 168 hours in the week. Use your time wisely. Look for an opportunity to offer your fitness community something which isn't offered anywhere else and find the ideal time slot to do this.


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