How Beit Hanna Revolutionized the Maternity Market With Arbox

How Beit Hanna Revolutionized the Maternity Market With Arbox

This shiningly white Bauhaus building in the middle of Tel Aviv provides a quiet calm for all who enter its doors. A home from home, Beit Hanna epitomizes the trendy, relaxed, cool vibes of Tel Aviv. Smiling staff greet members by name, engaging in meaningful discussions about all things health, wellness and more. Its owners Ronny Douek and Yoav Kadmon envisioned Beit Hanna as being a “Third Space” for its clients; a place where people could spend time between home ('first' place) and work ('second' place).

There are many reasons why this oasis stands out from its competitors. Perhaps it’s the buzz of people exchanging ideas over home-baked patisseries in the cafe or sunset yoga classes in the open-air studio. What Beit Hanna does best, is make everyone feel special and deserving of attention. 

The Problem: Limited health and wellness options for pregnant women and new mothers within the fitness industry. 

At 3.4, the birth rate in Israel is one of the highest in the world however, beyond medical appointments, women’s wellbeing during this period is often, at best overlooked, and at worst, totally ignored. While a splattering of studios offer pregnancy yoga or pilates classes, few fitness businesses provide a comprehensive range of pre and post-natal classes. Moreover, staff may be unqualified to teach this group and cannot give adequate professional advice to pregnant women or those recovering from birth. 

Beit Hanna owner Yoav experienced his partner’s frustrations after birth that there was nowhere for her to exercise with her newborn. This feeling is widespread, with many women left feeling alienated during this period. Studies have shown that only 3% of a new mother’s day is spent engaging in activity outside of the household or caregiving. Postpartum women, in particular, face substantial environmental and personal barriers to exercise: a lack of motivation and confidence, fatigue, time restraints and limited access to appropriate activities. What many women are looking for is a sense of belonging within a safe and understanding community of like-minded women going through the same experience. 

The Solution: Using Arbox to establish a community for pregnant and new mothers within the health and wellness space. 

While some within the fitness industry make the mistake of thinking this demographic is too risky to engage with, Beit Hanna has leapt at the chance to broaden its client base, making expecting and new mothers their number one V.I.P. Yoav identified a need in the market as well as within his own life. His drive to include all within the community means that whatever the shape or size of the bump, all mums are welcomed with open arms. In doing so, Beit Hanna has totally cornered the mummy market, carving a niche out for itself and establishing its name as the go-to place for all things baby. 

How did they do it?

1. Creating and scheduling a range of pregnancy and postpartum classes. Classes currently offered are:

- Yoga For Mums

- Pilates For Mums

- Baby Barre 

- Hybrid Babies

- Strength with Babies. 

2. Including a “Maternity Leave” membership which includes a range of classes from yoga and pilates to strength and a hybrid of TRX and functional training, as well as unlimited access to facilities, lectures and workshops. The Arbox message centre makes communicating with clients a breeze. Staff use membership information on the platform to find out who’s expecting and generate automated emails, SMS and push notifications about this membership option.  

3. Generating forms and waivers ensure that health and safety protocols are adhered to. Postpartum women are only able to attend classes once they have been signed off as healthy by their doctor. Members can upload certificates via their member app and complete the relevant documentation.  

4. Using the reports feature to check booking statistics, class cancellations, class summaries, absences and mummy memberships. This allows the manager, Yam to personally reach out to members and give a one-to-one customer experience as well as understand what classes are working well according to the number of participants. 

5. Employing specialist teachers is a must if you’re going to work with this demographic. Beit Hanna has employed the best of the best, recruiting leading pregnancy yoga and pilates instructors to support its members on their journey into motherhood. 

6. Upskilling their team to be able to provide informed advice and guidance for mums. Having this knowledge and understanding gives staff the confidence to help mums when they need it the most. This can be as simple as holding a baby while mummy needs the restroom. It may sound simple enough but there’s technique involved when it comes to holding a newborn.   

7. Providing babysitting services while members take class allows mothers to work out with peace of mind. Knowing your baby is being looked after by a fully qualified caregiver is priceless. The care doesn’t end once the class is over. In fact, mothers spend their days at Beit Hana enjoying the services and calm quiet. They can take a shower, have breakfast and sit outside on the decking with or without their baby. If they need a moment, staff at Beit Hana are on hand to take care of babies and help mothers feel comfortable and safe in their “home away from home”. Babies also reap the benefits of on-site childcare. They get a unique opportunity to interact with babies their age which is integral to their development. 

8. Hosting courses, seminars and lectures covering a range of topics has established Beit Hanna as an educational centre within the local and wider community. With the mummy membership, there is an option to access development classes from 0 to 1 years old as well as rehabilitation workshops and physiotherapy.  These are safe spaces where mummies can talk about everything from feeding to sleep schedules. Beit Hana cares about the voices of its members and management are always listening to the wants and needs of this important demographic. 

The results:

Finally, a holistic approach to pregnancy and postpartum recovery! Beit Hanna isn’t just a place to exercise; it’s a community to feel a part of, empowering and providing new mothers with the help they need. Put sleep deprivation aside, unfortunately, new mothers can often feel isolated and alone during this time. This is a time when women need to feel like they have an army of dedicated supporters and friends around. Beit Hana provides just that. A community of like-minded individuals who not only have the knowledge and resources but barrels of kindness to go with it. The message is: you are not alone. 


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