How Can Using Zapier Can Save You Time and Help Grow Your Business?

How Can Using Zapier Can Save You Time and Help Grow Your Business?

Marketing a fitness business is a full-time job! From social media management to membership retention, all aspects require a great deal of time and effort. Even if you’re working around the clock to boost your brand, your efforts may fall short if you’re not finding ways to connect lead generation, lead management, and the complete customer journey together. 


That’s where marketing automation comes in handy! But what exactly is marketing automation? Essentially it’s making time-consuming, manual tasks automatic! Gone are the days of sending countless emails, mobile messaging and managing ads. Through your Arbox platform, you can access Zapier, a marketing automation solution to take care of administrative day-to-day tasks so you don’t have to. Zapier’s awesome integration uses a combination of tactics to manage every aspect of the customer experience together, helping you convert leads to happy customers while improving the existing customer experience. 


Bottom line - automate what can be automated! Using Zapier allows you to do just that! With this easy-to-use automation tool, you can connect Arbox with thousands of the most popular apps like Mailchimp, Google Forms and Facebook Lead Ads. Through its ‘zaps’, Zapier creates automated workflows, reducing manual and repetitive tasks like monitoring subscriber lists, tracking leads and managing online events. It’s every fitness business owner's dream come true!


The benefits of using Zapier to automate your workflows are endless, so we identified our top picks!


With Zapier you can:


  • Connect apps like Instagram, Facebook and Mailchimp together, creating automated tasks between them to increase efficiency and ensure effective communication with members. If a lead or member messages you via Facebook, set up a Zap to send out an automated email.  
  • Send emails automatically or on a schedule. Organize your email inbox and identify which emails need to be turned into tasks. 
  • Get notifications about new form submissions. Know the instant someone fills out forms or waivers so you can respond quickly to member and employee needs. 


  • Watch for new leads, generate new lead forms and route leads to a centralized place where they can be automatically added to your email newsletter platform or be sent a personalized email encouraging them to take the next step in their membership cycle. 


Using Zapier to connect your Arbox management platform with your most-used apps, means you’ll have more time to focus on what matters the most, engaging meaningfully with your members and building your fitness community. 


Click here to learn more about integrating Zapier into your Arbox platform. 


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