How to Boost Gift Card Sales This Holiday Season

How to Boost Gift Card Sales This Holiday Season

Did you know that the average American spends $123 on their spouse or partner for Christmas? How about 62% of Americans buy their presents the week before Christmas? That’s cutting it a bit fine! What if we told you that you could improve your cash flow, attract new customers and make your clients’ lives easier in one go?! We’ve got the perfect solution for cards!

A recent study (Statista, 2020) revealed that 42% of women stated they would be happy to get vouchers or a gift card as a holiday gift. Men weren’t too far behind at 32.4%. These statistics support the prediction that by 2025, global gift card sales are projected to hit $510bn. 

If you’re not convinced already, read on to find out why selling gift cards/ vouchers over the holidays (and always) is a must.

  1. They raise brand awareness:

  •  Each gift card/ voucher should have your company logo and name clearly displayed to expose your business to people who may not already know about your brand. 

  • Give your gift card centre stage on your website and in the Arbox in-app shop to make it easy for shoppers to purchase.  

  • Your gift card is your brand’s ambassador, so whether physical or digital, create an eye-catching card with some holiday cheer. Don’t underestimate the impact a well-designed card has on a consumer. People are more likely to buy a funky looking Christmas themed card over a Plane-Jane design.  

  1. They increase sales: 

  •  According to reports, 59% of consumers spend more than the gift card’s value, with an average added spend of $39 per purchase, resulting in greater sales for businesses.

  • Even better than that, 76% of consumers purchase at least one or more vouchers during the holiday season. This is the golden ticket to increasing revenue in the easiest way possible. Shoppers feel more comfortable purchasing more expensive items that they otherwise wouldn’t without a voucher.  

  • Gift cards have a relatively low-cost investment for a high return. According to a 2020 CNBC article, $3 billion dollars worth of gift cards go unused each year. So whether the voucher is used or not, a gift card is guaranteed business. Even if the recipient never redeems the gift, you’ve already made the sale - it’s a win-win.  

  1. They enable customer engagement:
  • Consumers tend to buy multiple vouchers if there are incentives, rewards or loyalty points offered on purchasing. In doing so, businesses can secure the loyalty of customers who are likely to return as repeat consumers who spend more to “get more”. 

  • Consider offering deals and discounts for gift card purchases. This could be a complimentary gift or service when preloading X amount or offering gift cards for $80 that pay for a $100 service. Use your social media to promote offers. 

  • If you allow a longer time period for customers to redeem their vouchers, you are not only boosting holiday and seasonal sales but are helping increase sales during quieter periods, especially after the holiday season. 

  1. They acquire new customers: 

  • Did you know that acquiring a new customer costs five times more than retaining an existing one? Gift cards buck that trend. Selling gift cards is a great way to market your product and attract new customers. 

  • When someone purchases a gift card for friends and family, they open up the door to new customers. Just like that - you didn’t need to do anything apart from investing a negligible amount of revenue to create physical or digital cards. Word of mouth marketing at its best. 

  1. They give shoppers the freedom to choose:

  • Why are people so into gift cards? 50.4% of people buy them because they want the recipient to be able to choose their own gift. Nothing is worse than that awkward exchange over Christmas dinner when you realize you’ve given pink spandex to your partner’s mum. NO!!!! A gift card would’ve sorted that problem. 

  • We all lead hectic lives, with hardly any time for ourselves let alone being able to afford hours to shop for family members we only see once a year. While 5.6% of people purchase gift cards to avoid worrying about returning the gift if it’s a disaster, 25.7% of people think it’s easier and faster. They’re right. 

  1. They make shopping safe: 

  • The increasing popularity of e-gift cards means paper/plastic vouchers are slowly being phased out. Not only is this better for the environment but most shoppers are in favour of digital cards over physical ones. Nothing is more annoying than losing your wallet, and with it that one voucher you’ve been waiting to use all year. 

  • Moreover, people don’t always have the time to visit a store so being able to use an online card means a safer and more convenient shopping experience. Not only does this ensure easy access for shoppers but you as a business owner, enjoy greater volumes of traffic to your website. 

We’ve explored the benefits of selling gift cards, revealing them as a valuable tool for increasing sales and retention. No one knows your business better than you so get thinking about the best gift card promotional ideas. Once you’ve got the ideal packages in mind, get your employees involved in sales and start identifying new and existing markets. Ho! Ho! Ho!


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