How to Develop A Content Strategy In 5 Steps

How to Develop A Content Strategy In 5 Steps

Ever wondered how influencers always seem to have an endless stream of amazing content? The secret’s out! Those clever memes and perfectly airbrushed photos are the result of a carefully curated content strategy. With over 70% of marketers investing in content marketing, it’s safe to say that having a content plan in place is a crucial part of achieving business success.  

Feeling a little overwhelmed? No need! Read on to learn how to create the best content strategy for your business. 

Create clear goals - Know your goals before you begin planning. Set realistic, simple goals in line with your bigger business picture. If boosting brand awareness is a top priority for 2022 then mirror this in your content strategy. An effective content strategy should ultimately help you achieve your core business goals. 

Know your audience - Before you spend valuable time creating content, make sure it’s actually worthwhile. A successful content strategy will meet the wants and needs of your target audience at every stage of the funnel. Do your research! If your clients follow you on social media, check out who they’re following and the kind of content similar pages create to engage their audiences. Don’t dismiss the power of face-to-face communication. A simple way to find out about your audience is to talk to your customers and understand who you are creating content for. Comprehensive research will help you develop content that is useful, educational, relevant and valuable. 

Identify your niche - Establishing yourself as an expert in your field means creating a content strategy that focuses on producing unique, quality content, with a distinct voice that stands out. Don’t just churn out content for content’s sake. Do your research and decide what content is most appropriate, and provides genuine value for your readers at each stage of the client journey. 

Be consistent - Creating a consistent voice and message across your brand helps build credibility. Not only should you keep that message the same across all channels, make sure your strategy clearly outlines what you have to do and when it needs to be done by. In the case of social media, be consistent with how often you’re posting. If you're not posting there's nothing for people to engage with. Pro tip: you need to be posting a minimum of three times per week. 

Measure your results - Data is your new best friend! Analyse your numbers; how many likes your posts are getting, engagement, shares and saves. If you have a blog, using Google Analytics will allow you to understand how much traffic it’s generating and which posts do better than others. You need to know what your audience likes, what they don’t like and most importantly, what content generates the most conversions in order to create an effective content strategy. 

Understanding what content works best and where, can also be useful in the long run and helps build trust with new and existing audiences. A successful content strategy prioritizes content that’s relevant for the right audience at every stage of the customer cycle, keeping them engaged for the long haul. 


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