How to Generate More Revenue From the Palm of Your Hand

How to Generate More Revenue From the Palm of Your Hand

The Arbox app can be used by members to register for classes, track their fitness progress and access your merchandise and fitness products through the in-app store feature. Read on to find out why our updated member app will increase both sales revenue and customer usage.

Just like the grocery checkout aisle, filled with plenty grab-and-go goodies, an in-app shop makes it that much easier for your customers to conveniently purchase additional items before or after their workout! Whether it's memberships or punch cards, merchandise or company gear, smoothies or snacks, the in-app store offers your customer exactly what they want at the click of a button, and provides you with a new revenue stream.Here are a few ways our new in-app shop can boost your business:

Sell More - Earn More - With clear pictures and product descriptions, your customers will save time, making transactions easier and more frequent.

Increase Membership Renewals and Retention - Giving members access to renew their memberships or purchase classes independently with ease increases customer value and loyalty.

One-Stop-Shop - Simple and clear checkout page allows members to quickly and clearly make all their purchases in one place.

Give Your Members the best customer experience - Using stored payment options saves time, meaning all your clients’ favorite items are just a couple clicks away!

Let's not forget about other amazing benefits our updated app can give your business:

Building a Sense of Community with Member Profiles - Profile pictures and bios allow members to connect with each other. Members can invite friends to workout together or notify them (via SMS push notification) when they join a class.

Increase Member Engagement - Members can view their recent fitness progress, average classes attended per week and much more through real-time data. Motivate your members by allowing them to keep track of their progress and achieve all their fitness goals.

Enhance and Engage Class Descriptions - You can now add external links to class descriptions. Can provide examples of stretches or cool-down activities that coincide with the posted class, as well as videos of workouts or training tips.

Global Friendly - The app will open automatically in the language used by the mobile device and can be changed within the settings.

Our updated user-friendly members app will enhance your members’ experience, driving business sales and retention. Everyone wins!


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