How to Sell Subscriptions and Memberships for Maximum Profit

How to Sell Subscriptions and Memberships for Maximum Profit

Membership programs are a great way to drive revenue and increase brand loyalty, while streamlining operations at the same time. Membership programs are especially effective when combined with other digital strategies, such as e-commerce, because they can reduce overhead while increasing customer engagement and retention.

Membership programs can be a stand-alone offering or an add-on product sold in conjunction with other goods and services. Regardless of how you market memberships, you’ll see increased profits if you follow these guidelines for setting up membership programs that streamline operations, drive revenue and increase customer loyalty.

Define your objectives

The first step in setting up a membership program is to clearly define your objectives. Why do you want to offer memberships? How will members benefit from these programs? What will be the value proposition for customers?

Answers to these questions are essential for setting up a successful membership program. Some common objectives for offering a membership program include: increasing revenue, reducing costs, building brand loyalty, generating leads, reducing cart abandonment, increasing customer retention and gaining insights into your customers. Most membership programs are bundled services and products that provide added value to customers.

Determine which type of membership to offer

There are many types of membership programs from which to choose. You’ll want to select one that best suits your business, marketing strategy and target customer base. There are two major membership models to choose from: a tiered model that uses a tiered membership price structure and a sliding scale model that charges a fixed price for membership regardless of the member’s level.

Depending on your goals, members will either pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. You may also offer both types of memberships.

A tiered membership model is great for businesses with a wide customer base who want to offer different levels of service. This model comes with a monthly or annual subscription fee and allows you to offer different tiers of service.

Although tiered memberships offer a wide variety of packages, customers will have to select the right level to avoid overpaying. A sliding scale membership model is best for niche businesses that don’t have the flexibility to offer multiple levels of service. This model comes with a fixed monthly or annual subscription fee and allows you to charge a single rate regardless of specific customer needs.

Estimate costs and profits

Before setting up a membership program, estimate the costs of offering each membership type.

These costs will include membership fees, payment processing fees, marketing expenses, administrative costs and any legal fees associated with setting up a membership program.
You can use reports to stay on top of your payment objectives.

Depending on the membership model you select, you’ll also need to determine how many members you want to enroll in the program. Membership revenue is determined by membership fees and the number of members you enroll in the program. If you charge $100 per month for a membership and enroll 100 members, you’ll bring in $10,000 per month in revenue. Membership costs are determined by the number of members you enroll, the membership model you select and any legal, marketing and administrative expenses.

Select the right platform

You’ll also want to select a membership platform to host your membership program. You can create your own membership program or use a membership platform like Arbox that will host the program for you. Arbox is a business management solution that allows you to offer recurring subscriptions on your website. integrates with many CRMs and e-commerce platforms that can help you streamline operations and increase profits.

All that's left for you to do is choose the types of memberships, subscriptions and punch cards you wish to offer.

Create an effective user experience

An effective user experience is critical for setting up a successful membership program. It’s important to consider every aspect of the user experience, from first impressions to how the program is billed.

Consider the first impression a customer has when joining your membership program. Does it provide a clear description of the value the program provides? Is it easy to navigate and understand? How does it compare to other membership programs on the market? If you’re creating your own membership program, you’ll want to make it easy to navigate. Include a description of each membership level, pricing and any other benefits,.
Be sure to include any limitations or restrictions associated with each level.

Drive member engagement

Once you set up your membership program, you’ll want to drive engagement with your members.

Engaging with members regularly will help you identify potential improvements to your membership program and increase retention. You’ll want to stay active on your membership pages, host live webinars and provide content such as tips, tricks and industry insight.

Live webinars are an excellent way to engage with members and drive traffic to your membership program. You’ll want to host regular webinars to provide insight into your industry and teach your members how to succeed with your products and services.

You can also use social media to drive engagement with members. Set up a regular posting schedule to inform members about new content, events and special offers.

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