The Essential Guide to Holiday Email Marketing

The Essential Guide to Holiday Email Marketing

Emails are the best holiday marketing tool. Whether it’s for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas, a well written holiday email can increase holiday sales and maximize revenue before the new year hits. To create the perfect email campaign this holiday season you need to:


  1. Have a catchy subject line that captures the holiday spirit and mentions specific deals to grab the reader’s attention. 50% off Christmas Must-Haves or Santa’s Come To Slay - Spend $80 and Get 30% Off. 
  2. Create a sense of urgency by putting a time cap on sales and discounts. Customers can take advantage of these seasonal crackers for “one month only”. If you’re using coupons or codes, ensure they have a nearing expiry date. 
  3. Get festive with your email design. Consider using a holiday template to get customers in the holiday mood. If not, then you’re just sending out a regular email which defeats the purpose. 
  4. Choose important dates. The festive season isn’t all about Christmas! Stand out from competitors and celebrate other holidays along the way. Do your research and mark these dates on your marketing calendar. 
  5. Set up email automation. Through your Arbox platform, you can access Zapier, a marketing automation solution to take care of administrative day-to-day tasks so you don’t have to. Connect apps like Mailchimp to Arbox and send customers personalized holiday emails encouraging them to take advantage of your upcoming deals and discounts. 


Now you know HOW to send your holiday emails, here’s some help on WHAT emails to send! 


  1. The “What’s New” email - This is your holiday announcement email. Send this email out as soon as you can to catch those early-bird shoppers. Let customers know about new products, services and programmes available over the festive season. 

  1. The “Wish List” email - Follow in the footsteps of Mariah Carey with an All I Want For Christmas Is...a 10 session punch card to my favourite pilates studio or relaxing massage. Once you’ve helped shoppers discover your awesome products, send a wish list email to encourage customers to actually buy these items. Remind readers to share their wish lists with friends and family. This not only ensures they don’t get a dodgy Christmas jumper instead of that awesome new pair of sneakers but drives new traffic to your website.  

  1. The “We’ve Got Your Back” email - suggesting gifts for friends and family is a winner. It can feel quite daunting to have to think about what to buy for ten different people. That’s where you step in! Whether it’s a gift card or specific packages and products, give customers options to choose from. Make the shopping experience as simple and easy as possible. 

  1. The “Here’s A Little Something From Us” email - Show your appreciation this holiday season by rewarding your customers with an extra special offer. If they’re buying a voucher consider giving a complimentary gift or service when preloading X amount or offering gift cards for $80 that pay for a $100 service. Statistics reveal that 59% of consumers spend more than the gift card’s value anyway so you’re actually increasing revenue. 

  1. That “Last-Minute Offer” - we’ve all been there! We have the best intentions to be organized and buy gifts early but in reality, it gets to the week before a holiday and we suddenly panic because we’ve NOTHING! This means that you should continue to promote holiday deals right up until the holiday itself to help your last-minute shoppers find the perfect gift. Send an email (or two) with last-minute deals, gift card/ voucher offers and in-store promotions to help make your panic buyers feel more at ease!


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