How to Easily Manage Your Staff With Arbox

How to Easily Manage Your Staff With Arbox

One of the signs for business growth is hiring team members.

Having the entirety of the work load lifted off of the business owner and shared with the rest of the team is definitely a huge relief, but it can also come with its fare share of challenges.

Knowing how to manage your team efficiently and keep track of everyone can be exhausting and time consuming. Thats why Arbox allows you to easily run your team in one place.
Assign team members to clients, delegate tasks and plan, organize, and track your team's job performance. Additionally, Arbox enables you to share updates and information to facilitate productive teamwork. 

Each staff member is registered in Arbox and is given a detailed profile with all of their relevant information.

What can you do in the staff member profiles?

Easily access information

Gather all of the members information, bookings, class attendance and payments in one place.

This will allow you to monitor your members’ activity and give you an overview of the whole process. It will also help you to organize your employees’ work and make it easier for them to manage their tasks.
Be sure to keep track of staff attendance, training, and update their profiles as the company grows and their responsibilities change.

In order to make sure everything is up to date, assign a staff member to be in charge of keeping the system organized and updated.

Incentivize your team with complimentary memberships

Purchase or gift memberships and products for your team to boost their moral and sense of belonging. From team-building exercises to health and wellness programs, these benefits can be the cherry on top that your employees need to stay happy and productive.

Incentive memberships usually cost less than a few hundred dollars per employee per year. Additionally, you can offer your employees the option to pay for their own memberships or give them a stipend to cover the cost.


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