Which Wellness Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Which Wellness Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Wellness goes way beyond a wonder drink or the latest fad diet trending on Instagram. The wellness industry has been valued at $4.1 trillion dollars and shows no sign of slowing down. There’s a new holy trinity in town; the body, mind and soul. You’re a business owner with your finger on the pulse so you know how important it is to keep up to date with the latest trends. We’ve done our research and compiled a list of some of the biggest wellness trends on the horizon for 2022. 

Adaptogens and Natural Remedies

Emotional wellness has never been more important following the last two years of turmoil and uncertainty. Consumers want to buy products that help to achieve a calm and stable state of mind. For those who can’t necessarily afford a weekly therapist, the next best things are adaptogens and natural remedies. Adaptogens are natural and alternative foods that help manage the bodies stress levels. They’re currently enjoyed by consumers in multiple forms but most recently, in drinks. Made from medicinal plants, these bottles of wholesome goodness help the body respond more effectively to both physical and biological stressors. Here’s a list of magic ingredients you should be looking for when stocking up on adaptogen products:



Goji Berries 

Liquorice root

Holy Basil


Now you’re wondering how to incorporate these energy-boosting products into your business? Whether you’re a spa or a barbershop, all customers appreciate a complimentary refreshment. Offer a cup of ginseng tea or a turmeric and orange juice energy shot. You can delegate team tasks via your Arbox tasks feature so make sure your team are clued up on the pros of the products to upsell during the customer’s visit. If these wonder drinks go down a treat, make them a regular feature in your Arbox in-app shop

Natural Immunity-Boosting

Are you coughing and sneezing your way through winter? Chances are that half your clientele are already in bed surrounded by boxes of tissues and cough syrup. 2022 is all about defending your body against these pesky bugs through immunity boosting. Immunity is a hot topic on everyone’s lips. The basics are easy to understand; exercise regularly, sleep more, don’t smoke and take care of your gut health. How can your business be seen to promote immunity-boosting? Immune boosting wellness shots are a great place to start. Packed with all kinds of healthy ingredients like ginger, citrus, cayenne pepper and turmeric, these shots are a sure sign to customers that you’re committed to protecting their wellness. Why stop there? The market for probiotics is estimated to reach $136.5 billion by 2024 after recent studies published medical proof of their therapeutic value in the treatment of allergies, eczema and viral infections. It’s estimated that widespread use of probiotics could result in 54 million fewer annual sick days and $919 million in avoided annual productivity losses. The most popular form of probiotic consumption is through yoghurt so if space permits, introduce a smoothie bar or team up with a local juice bar to stock freshly made smoothies. If you can, throw in some kiwi, papaya and almonds into the mix! Why not promote this feature on your website/ social media and give customers the option of pre-ordering to enjoy before or after their appointment. Stripe’s seamless integration with Arbox means business owners can process payments perfectly through the Arbox dashboard, member app or across the counter. 

Mindfulness & Meditation 

In an environment packed with daily stresses and challenges, your clients are coming to your business for a well-deserved break, to enjoy a moment away from their daily routine. Mindfulness and meditation help to promote a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Whether you’re offering massages or manicures, these practices can be incorporated into the customer experience. Instead of booming chart pop over the radio, why not try playing some relaxing music for stress relief. If you’re a fitness business owner, use Arbox scheduling to find space for daily mindfulness or meditation classes. Spa owners can transform waiting areas into mindfulness spaces where clients can “get into the zone” by enjoying simple mindfulness practices before their treatments. Communicate with clients through your Arbox messaging centre to get them excited about their holistic wellness experience. 


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