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The market leaders in professional Pilates and fitness equipment.

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15% off studio must haves - weights, resistance bands, over ball, foam rollers and more!

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Fitop is the exclusive importer and marketer of the world's leading equipment, pilates equipment and other companies in the field of Pitens and nutrition such as:
BonPILATES, Merrithew- Stot, Peak Pilates, Pilates Scandinavia, body Bike and Bodygee for private people, Stodius, gym, high-tech companies, public bodies and more.

We give our customers free business advice and business notification based on the experience we've accumulated in the field, for businesses at the beginning and at the point of planning business or businesses looking to expand and upgrade their businesses.the company provides services envelope: Professional and available customer service, transportation expert team, assemblies, troubleshooting, treatments and more, A plug-in to the FIT house ASADEMY to find mentoring, tens, workshops, and expanding knowledge.

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