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Turning your business into art

Offer terms

Special deals on a variety of packages:

* Photo package - 2,200 NIS
*Photos and Reels package -3,000 NIS
*4 reels package - 3,600 NIS
*Unedited video footage package - 2,000 NIS

Enjoy 15% off first booking and 20% off second.

*Offer includes all filming equipment - from lends to lights.
* Offer valid for filming of up to 2 hours. Extra time priced at 500 NIS an hour.
* Finished product will be delivered within 30 days.
* Payment will be made up to 30 days after the session.
* Free cancellations up to a week for scheduled shoot.
* Cancellations within 48 hours prior to shoot will be charged for 50% of the deal.
* Price doesn't include meals and gass.
* All rights reserved

Hi, my name is Niv.
for years I have been combining my two biggest passions - fitness and photography and made them into my career.

With several years of experience under my belt - I'm here to help you convey the ambiance and vibe in your business to your clients in the most accurate way possible.

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