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A clever cloud telephony that puts your business at the center, now and in the future!

Offer terms

Integration to Arbox without fees.

First month without cost of monthly services will be provided for all monthly services in account only and for the record, there are no minutes of call, phone numbers, installation costs, and hardware.

The benefit will only be given to new customers who have joined the service starting at 1.09.22. the first month's benefit is provided under the terms of the Customer’s commitment to 12 months of service on the scope of the contract from the date of the signing, If the customer disconnects before or decreases activity at 10% height from the extent of the contract, a charge will be applied at the perk level provided.Voicenter reserves the right to terminate the Xbox client operation without prior notice.

Organizations of all sizes streamline and upgrade business operations with our innovative Voicenter switchboard and focus services. The Voicenter Unified Platform enables ongoing management and monitoring of focus performance. All of the world's most advanced cloud phone solutions are under one roof. A variety of switchboard services with specialized end-user tools, managers, sales, support, computing, Money, human resources, professional teams and more.

Voicenter's unique integration with Arbox includes calling directly from the client profile, bouncing a client card in an incoming or outgoing call, and the call documentation includes a link to recording directly to the client card. The integration between systems produces a significant upgrade of focus capabilities and a lower-line increase in joint customers.

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