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Save Time and Effort With Automations

Maximize your efficiency by automating workflows regarding task reminders and client communication.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps:

Choose a Type and Trigger

Decide if you wish to send a message or create a task, and the action that will trigger it.

Adjust the Settings

Determine the timing, frequency and audience of the triggered action.

Automate Repetitive Work

Start saving time and introducing more automations into your workflow.

When This Happens

Automatically Do One of These Two

Membership Renewal

Remind clients to renew their memberships, or do it yourself manually.
You can  do these two

Member Creation

Welcome new clients with helpful information that will help them get started with your business.
You can  do these two

Lead Creation

Interact with leads so that they make purchases and become recurrent clients quickly.
You can  do these two

Lead Conversion

Welcome in new recently converted leads and incentivize them to book sessions with you.
You can  do these two

Trial Session

Check in with clients after their first session to hear their experience and encourage them to attend more sessions.
You can  do these two


Reach out to clients that have been absent from your business and invite them to return.
You can  do these two


Show your client you care by sending them personalized birthday wishes or sales.
You can  do these two

Missed Session

Check in with clients who have misses their session to reschedule or take further action.
You can  do these two

After a Session

Ask your clients for their thoughts and feedback after sessions.
You can  do these two


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Additional Tools

Sent Messages

Track the performance of recently sent messages and draw conclusions.

Session Notifications

Keep your clients updated and informed with automated reminders before sessions.

Digital Forms


Create forms and waivers that can be signed digitally and send them to your clients.

Promo Codes


Incentivize your clients by generating personalized deals and promo codes.