Members & Leads

Easily organize and keep track of information in one place - memberships, status, attendance, payment history etc.

Quick Actions

Add a New Client

Register a new paying client manually and sign them up to sessions and classes.

Add a New Lead

Register new leads or pool them from different sources to convert them into paying returning clients.

Invite Clients to Download Your App

Let clients book sessions and register themselves to your business independently with a professional app.

Active Member Report

View the status report of all active clients who hold an active membership or punch card.

Leads Report

View the status report of all active leads that have not yet been converted.

Already have existing lists? Let us help you move in!

Contact our team to learn how easy it is to move your existing client and lead lists, invoices, contracts, prices, service lists, products and memberships.


What are the differences between clients and leads?
How can I pool leads from different sources into Arbox?
Where can I view client and lead details?
How will clients be able to access my app?
Can I contact clients and leads directly through the platform?

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Additional Tools

My Client App

Clients can download the app, book sessions and pay for services.

Membership Types

Create, edit and manage memberships set to a certain period of time.


Save time on repetitive tasks by creating custom automated workflows.

Reporting & Analytics

Track business performance and make informed decisions driven by data.