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Manage All Your Finances in One Place

Connect your management platform to a payment provider to accept payments and track your revenue

Connect to Stripe

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps:

Open a Stripe Account

Create a new Stripe account online in minutes, or use an existing account.

Connect Your Account to Arbox

Connect your account to Arbox in a few easy steps.

Get Paid for Your Services

Receive payments for your services through your Arbox links and client app.

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Connect to Stripe

Start the process of growing your revenue.

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Know Before You Go

Check if Stripe is available in your country. If it doesn’t - no worries! You can still use Arbox and document your income.

Take into account that the integration between Arbox and stripe may take 24-48 hours to complete.

Make the Most Out Your Finance

Produce and send out digital receipts and invoices to track your sales.

Accept recurring payment for memberships.

Automatically calculate discounts and taxes. 

Stay on top of your finances with detailed reports.


Why should I connect my Arbox account to Stripe?
Is Stripe available in every country?
Does Arbox or Stripe take commissions for transactions?
Does the integration happen in the management platform?
Are there any additional payment options with stripe besides credit card?

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Additional Tools

My Memberships

Allow clients to bundle your sessions and purchase different types of memberships.

My Schedule Link

Share your schedule through a personal link and let clients book sessions themselves.

My Shop Link

Share the link to your online shop and let client purchase products and memberships themselves.

Reporting & Analytics

Track business performance and make informed decisions driven by data.