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Grow Your Sales and Revenue With Promo Codes

Create personalized coupons to Increase sales and encourage customers to try out new products and services.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps:

Build Your Schedule and Shop

Add new products, memberships, session packs and workshops to publish on your online schedule and shop.

Generate a Promo Code

Fill in the coupon’s name, expiration date, discount percentage and usage limitations.

Share it With Your Client

Send your client a message containing the promo code, so they can use it in your online shop and client app.

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Add a Product to Your Shop

Expand your revenue streams by offering different types of branded or related products.

Create Memberships and Session Packs

Allow clients to bundle up your services and purchase them in bulk.

Create a Workshop


Create recurring group sessions set for a determined period of time.

Generate Promo Codes


Set up a discount code for your products, memberships and workshops.

Upgrade to Use This Feature!

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Generate More Revenue with Promo Codes!

Click here for examples of using promo codes in your day-to-day efforts.

Get Inspired

First purchase deal

Intice new clients to try out your services and convert first-time visitors to paying customers.

Weekly deal

This idea will help you get a boost in orders, specifically when sales are slow.

Flash sale offer

Create a sense of urgency with coupon codes with short expiration dates.

Holiday discount

Tie into holidays, special occasions and celebrations and turn them to engaging sales.

Birthday present

Celebrate your clients' birthdays with discounts on their favorite services.

Business anniversary

Reward customer loyalty with discounts celebrating client milestones.


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Can I track previously generated promo codes?

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