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Streamline Your Workflow with Automated and Manual Tasks.

Stay organized by logging tasks regarding clients, leads and daily operations in the platform. Delegate work to your team or to yourself as a reminder.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps:

Create the Task Type

Categorize your tasks by types to make it easier for yourself to track progress in specific fields.

Decide Between Automated and Manual

Choose if you wish to create an active task or a reminder for a future one.

Add Description, Owner and Deadline

Write in the task’s details ,attribution, executing staff member, deadline and you done.

Related Actions

Create a New Task

Log a manual task regarding clients, leads or operations and assign it to one of your staff members.

Create an Automated Task Reminder

Create automated workflows that will remind you about future and upcoming tasks that need to be completed.

Upgrade to Use This Feature!

In order to manage tasks within the management platform you must hold a standard or professional package. Learn more


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