Get to Know Your Arbox Powered Website

Get to Know Your Arbox Powered Website

It's no secret that in today's post COVID-19 day and age, having a strong online presence is more important than ever before. In 2022 alone 2.14 billion customers reported to searching for services online.

With numbers like this it's only natural that many businesses started publishing offerings online. For small businesses making this transition is especially crucial, as they need to get the word about their business out there and offer the best customer experience in order to scale and boost sales.

Luckly, Arbox offers all of it's powered business their own free website! Anyone can become your clients and schedule sessions easily and intuitively in less than 3 minutes.

What does the site contain?

The site is divided into two key sections:

1. Schedule - Publish your availability and session offerings and allow clients to book with you at the most suitable time for everyone involved.
Offer appointment, group sessions and workshops for clients to browse and schedule.

2. Shop - Run your own online store and offer products and subscriptions for sale.
through the site you can publish memberships, session punch cards and products to round up your slaes offerings and insure high collection rates.

All the listings on the website can be made through the Arbox platform.

How to publish your website

After your website is complete all that's left to do is share it with your client! You can access the link through the management platform.
Here are a few ideas on how and where to do that:

1. Social media bio - Add your website link to your social media bio so clients can easily access it at any time.

2. Dedicated posts - Have a new product or event offering? Let your clients purchase your service by sharing a direct link in a post or Instagram story.

3. Welcome messages - Welcome new clients with personalized messages containing your website link.

Need a helping hand with communicating your website to your clients?

Copy and send these effective templates:

To get started you can check our my offred sessions and availability slots through this link.
Click the link to easily view my availability and schedule a session.
Feel free to schedule a session or view my availability through Arbox.
Check out my products and sessions through this link.


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