Make smarter business decisions driven by data

The real time data-driven dashboard that gives a 360 overview of your business.
Business reporting software

Track your growth

Stay on top of your profits and losses. Review your top services, staff performance, site traffic and more.

Powerful insights

Track your business performance with smart insights and get a clear breakdown of client activity.

Real-time data

Receive customized reports and real-time data, which helps you track and manage your day-to-day.
“The dashboard is super useful because it gives me a 360 overview of my business. I receive customized reports and real-time data which help me track and manage my day-to-day.
Kelly smith
Diving Instructor
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booking analytics

keep improving your business

Get advanced bookings analytics to track your performance.
  • Record client attendance.

  • Discover how visitors found you.

  • Focus on your most popular services.

  • Compare new vs. returning clients.

Make smart finance decisions

Monitor your finance and Maintain a healthy balance to keep your business going.
  • Smart insights and dynamic reports.

  • Know your exact revenue, balance and payments.

  • Monitor your expired subscriptions.

  • View pending, paid and overdue client payments.

smart insights
real-time data

Real-time data at your fingertips

Leverage real-time data to make decisions on the spot and optimize performance for maximum success!
  • View and manage subscriptions.

  • Access everything from salaries to sales.

  • Track your team's earnings.

  • Review your daily operations.

Financial Reports

Financial reports

Compare monthly financial history and view profit breakdown.
Accounts Chart

Accounts chart

Organize your income and expenses into different categories.
Earnings Goals

Earnings goals

Set annual or monthly goals and track your progress along the way.
Overdue Reminders

Overdue reminders

Send automatic reminders to your clients if a payment is missed.
Memberships Forecast

Memberships forecast

Receive attendance and client predictions for the upcoming year.
Leads Statistics

Leads statistics

View statistics about the leads - such as new leads, converted leads, trial classes, etc.

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