All your marketing needs in one place

Build and manage your client relationships and increase revenues with powerful sales tools.
Marketing tools
Marketing automation
Automate manual and recurring marketing jobs to save time, money and resources.
Sales workflows
Level up your sales efforts with smart auto-piloted sales funnels, incentivizing and retention tools.
Client communication
Boost client communications and increase engagement to minimize no-shows and cancellations.
“Arbox’s automation tools have helped me boost client communications, and increase engagement & conversion rates."
Kelly Geller
HR Consultant
Arbox customer reviews
Marketing tools

Powerful marketing tools at your fingertips

Get more clients with our powerful marketing suite and upsell current clients with sales automation solutions to gain more business.
  • Send effective email marketing campaigns.

  • Send SMS and push notifications.

  • Manage leads from Facebook, Instagram and Google ads.

  • Welcome new clients with an automated onboarding process.

Get your business sales on track

Reach more prospects and close more deals than ever before.
  • Capture leads and opportunities.

  • Set up automated subscription renewals.

  • Create smart contact lists.

  • Automate reminders and follow-ups.

Automated Workflows

Create workflows personalized to the clients' needs

Automatically send the right message to the right person at the right moment with just one click.
  • Welcome new clients immediately with automated onboarding.

  • Set up automated subscription renewals.

  • Create smart contact lists.

  • Automate personalized birthday messages.

Improve customer experiences with real-time interactions

Keep your clients feeling happy and valued. Stay connected on a personal level and build trust and loyalty.
  • Run loyalty programs.

  • Send coupons and special discounts.

  • Use gift cards and other incentives.

  • Scale renewals, expansions and upsells.

Retention tools
Leads Management

Take leads one step closer to becoming Aactive members

Manage all your leads, prospects and contacts with Arbox, so you never lose a lead again. Start building your pipeline today!
  • Log client information in seconds with lead capture forms.

  • Automatically add new leads to contact lists.

  • Assign new leads to team members automatically.

  • Get real-time insights.

  • Add filters to prioritize leads.

Marketing Reports

Marketing reports

Unify your data and measure marketing’s impact on revenue streams.
Lead Collection

Lead collection

Save the information you collect from visitors directly in Arbox.


Easily connect your favorite marketing and CRM tools.
Custom Forms

Custom forms

Create fully customizable forms, and collect data directly in the Arbox CRM tools.
Sales Pipelines

Sales pipelines

Create multiple sales pipelines and assign leads to team members automatically.


Automatically send the right message, to the right person at the right time.

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