Maximizing the Power of Your Marketing Management Features

Maximizing the Power of Your Marketing Management Features

Using Arbox as your fitness management platform can help improve your business in so many different ways, but where it really shines is its impact on marketing and sales. The purpose of the platform is essentially to make your life, as a fitness business owner, easier and more productive. Straightforward class scheduling tools and payment processing makes member management a breeze but let's be honest, the marketing mountain is a hard one to climb! No doubt, you’re an awesome teacher and an expert in your fitness field but when it comes to marketing and sales, is there a chink in your armor? We want to assist you in growing your fitness business, increasing revenue and driving sales in the best way we know how. Read on to find out how Arbox will help you become a master marketer and sales guru for your business.

Making the most of your dashboard:

When you access your Arbox dashboard, key data metrics give you a real-time snapshot of what’s happening in your business right now. Within seconds of logging in, you’ll be updated on your member count, lead cycle, revenue statistics and upcoming team and management tasks. This essential information helps you understand and plan how to promote your business and ramp up sales. Use the dashboard as part of your marketing strategy, setting achievable goals and targets like converting “x” number of punch cards to memberships or creating automated emails to be sent to new leads.

Never missing a lead:

When growing your business, one of the most important tasks is generating leads and getting them to sign up as members. We make that process that much easier by enabling you to connect your Facebook Ads account to Arbox. This means that all incoming leads via your Facebook and Instagram paid campaigns are automatically imported into your management platform. Now everything is saved to a centralized location, use real-time reports to monitor how many leads are in your pipeline, which leads are attending trial classes and who you need to reach out to through automated messages and emails, keeping them engaged and interested in your business. In short, using Arbox Lead Overview features increases your efficiency and effectiveness when converting leads to memberships.

Onboarding your members:

Well done for converting all those leads to members! Now comes the fun part - onboarding them smoothly and successfully into your fitness community. Arbox has your back! We’ve created a whole host of features to help you with this process from automated digital forms and waivers to automatic generation of welcome emails, class scheduling push notification reminders and SMS updates about accessing the in-app shop to purchase products and merchandise.  The cool part is that members onboard straight from their mobile! No one likes paper works so we’ve taken the stress out of organizing this logistical nightmare! All important documents can be signed, processed and uploaded to member profiles quickly and efficiently but most importantly, at the convenience of yourself and members. Additionally, members can feel welcomed into your fitness community by downloading the Arbox members mobile app where they can interact with other members, register for classes and explore membership perks and options.

Communicating with members:

We all know that good communication is key in creating positive relationships and nothing is more important to your business than making your members feel valued and a part of your fitness community. Using Arbox, you can communicate with members in many ways. Whether it's sending SMS messages or sending updates via push notifications through the members app, you will always be able to keep in touch with your members. To continually foster that sense of community within your business, use your Arbox platform to keep on top of your daily communication tasks. Utilizing your fitness management platform is a great way to improve your marketing and sales efforts for your business. Now you’ve got all the tools you need so roll up your sleeves and get going! To get started click here.


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