The brand new Arbox schedule has arrived!

The brand new Arbox schedule has arrived!

The new Arbox schedule has arrived, offering you a stunning view, perfect mobile compatibility, the ability to send messages via the calendar, an excellent user experience, and many more innovations.

The new schedule is divided into two views: Calendar and Availability. The calendar allows you to perform a wide range of actions and easily track the registration status of your various events from your computer or mobile device at any given moment. The availability feature enables your customers to conveniently book personal meetings with you through the website and app.

So what’s new? Let's dive in:

User Experience The latest update brings significant improvements in user experience, making event management easier and more convenient. Enjoy a modern design with new colors for service types, a higher quality, and a more accessible mobile user experience. You'll also have advanced filtering and search options in participant lists, a more useful and clearer display of the agenda, along with a host of other enhancements to help you optimally organize and manage your events.

Availability and Personal Meetings

Managing your availability is now easier and more accessible, thanks to a dedicated availability page with an improved display. With just one click, you can view all meetings associated with a particular availability in one place, eliminating the need to switch between different screens or search manually. Moreover, you can now add recurring personal meetings for your customers! Read more

Customer Communication

Send messages directly to registrants in your class with a single click, right through the event interface. This feature is available within the class participants tab, waiting lists, and cancellations.

Spaces Management

Now you are able to segregate activities into different rooms within your business. Additionally, publishing different rooms in your business for rental will become a breeze! (This feature is exclusively available for premium customers). Read more

Adding a Class/Meeting/Course

Starting today, creating a new event becomes effortless through a single flow designed for all event types. Moreover, you can now easily add a new lead and register them for a trial class using the same streamlined process. Read more

Editing and Managing Events

The editing and management of events and registrations have undergone significant upgrades. You can now edit a single event or an entire series separately from the overall registration management. We've introduced flexible options for canceling or deleting events, along with a dedicated screen for centralized management of registered, waitlisted, and canceled participants. This separation empowers you with complete and more convenient control over every aspect of the event organizing process.

Quick View

Clicking on an event grants you a quick snapshot of important details: number of registrants and their names, participants on the waiting list, event specifics, attendance marking, and more. While the "Quick View" function is available, we understand your preference for direct access to customer lists. You can easily disable the "Quick View" function through your calendar settings. Learn more by reading further.

Action Summary

At each stage of event creation and editing, you can now see a summary of the settings and actions you've taken. This new timeline ensures that each step is intuitive and accurate.

But wait, there's more!

WhatsApp Messages

We've added links and direct buttons to other platforms like WhatsApp. By clicking on a personal meeting, you'll find a WhatsApp button that opens WhatsApp web with the specific client.

Filtering and Sorting

Streamline your event search with new filters tailored to your needs. Additionally, sorting options have been incorporated into customer, waitlist, and cancelation lists, ensuring you can quickly locate the customer you're looking for.

Block Time

Starting today, you can effortlessly block time in your calendar. This tool empowers you to take breaks or attend to personal matters without the risk of someone accidentally booking you during that time.

And there you have it! Before we wrap up, here are some key points you wouldn't want to miss:

  • You can now set an end date for your recurring appointments.
  • We've added direct links to online meetings when creating an online event or workshop.

There's much more to come, this is just a glimpse of what's in store for you. We value your feedback! Please don't hesitate to provide your insights by clicking on the "Feedback" button, which appears on every screen in the management system.

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