19 Types of People at the Gym (and How to Win Them Over)

19 Types of People at the Gym (and How to Win Them Over)

The gym is a diverse hub where people come to engage in various workout activities, pursue their fitness goals, and improve their overall well-being. As a gym or fitness business owner, understanding the different types of gym goer is crucial for creating an inclusive and satisfying environment.

By recognizing the preferences and concerns of the different people at the gym, you can adapt your business offering, optimize your service and win gym lovers and keep the current ones happy.

So, let's explore the fascinating world of gym-goers and discover how to make their workout experience a success.

How People Use the Gym

While it might sound obvious, it's important to realise that people use the gym in different ways. This might be depending on their fitness objectives and personal preferences, or even their confidence or time capacity.

The reason it's important to realize this is because a gym or fitness business needs to cater to a broad range of gym goers.

While every business needs to have an ideal customer profile, or ICP, you do also need to cater to a broader range of potential gym members if you want to run a successful fitness business.

So while you will see the serious strength training gym personality, you will also spot other members taking their time, sticking to the same equipment and maybe even sitting around talking to their friends.

Whatever people at the gym are doing, the key takeaway for you, the gym owner, is to realize that everyone is there for one thing: Self-improvement.

All of these gym personalities are trying to improve themselves in one way or another, and it's your job to enable their fitness goals as effectively as you can.

Gym-goers: Who Are They?

Take a look around the gym and you'll see people from all walks of life. While we're not into pigeonholing your audience, understanding the cohorts that you see at the gym is an interesting exercise.

Remember that all of these people at the gym are

1. The Newbies

Help new members with guides to gym equipment and workout plans

Everyone has gotta start somewhere, and at one time or another, we were all this type of gym goer. Newbies may feel a bit overwhelmed or unsure about how to use the equipment and perform exercises correctly.

To support them, offer introductory sessions or orientation programs where experienced trainers can guide them through the basics. Ensure your staff are on hand to answer any questions and be as helpful as possible.

Create a welcoming atmosphere and provide clear instructions on using the workout equipment to ensure they feel comfortable and confident.

When new members join your gym, you should also send a welcome email or direct them to a landing page on your website about how to get the best out of the gym.

Using gym management software such as Arbox also means you can send regular useful email newsletters and invite new customers to classes or other fitness events at your fitness center.

2. The Cardio Enthusiasts

Cardio enthusiasts love to use the treadmill

These gym-goers have a deep appreciation for cardiovascular exercise. They enjoy activities such as running on the treadmill, cycling, or using the elliptical machine. To attract and retain them, offer a variety of cardio equipment options, ensure proper maintenance and availability of treadmills, stationary bikes, and other machines.

You could also consider organizing cardio-focused group fitness classes or providing workout plans that incorporate different cardio exercises to keep them engaged and motivated.

3. The Weightlifters

Weightlifters need a good weights area

Weightlifters are dedicated individuals who focus on building strength and muscle. They spend their gym sessions using the free weights and weight machines. For this gym going personality, the important thing is to have good quality equipment that is well maintained.

Ensure you have a wide range of weights and strength training equipment available, including dumbbells, barbells, and other weightlifting equipment.

Although this cohort might seem like they know what they're doing and are best left to do what they do, they will also benefit from advice and assistance. After all, you want to avoid injuries that results from people doing exercise incorrectly - especially lifting weights.

Provide guidance on proper form and techniques, and offer advanced training programs or personalized workout plans to help them achieve their strength goals.

Send strength training plans from your Arbox dashboard, or offer personal training services or a transformation challenge to keep them engaged and focused.

4. The Group Fitness Fans

offer group gym events for group fitness fans

These individuals thrive in a group setting and enjoy the energy and motivation that comes from working out with others. Group fitness classes are their go-to workout choice.

To appeal to them, offer a diverse selection of group classes such as Zumba, kickboxing, or dance aerobics.

Ensure your instructors are experienced, enthusiastic, and able to create an inclusive and energetic environment. Promote the sense of camaraderie and the positive social aspect of group fitness to attract and retain this audience.

Want to know more about planning group training sessions? Check out our in-depth guide to group fitness class ideas.

5. The Yoga and Mindfulness Seekers

Offer a yoga area for mindfulness seekers

Yoga and mindfulness seekers prioritize mental and physical well-being. They come to the gym for yoga classes, meditation, and mindfulness practice, but they might also be focusing on other exercises such as cardio or even weights.

Ideally, you should offer a yoga and mindfulness area in your fitness space, away from the intensity of the weight room or the pumping soundtrack of cardio classes.

If you can't necessarily create a dedicated space for yoga sessions, you could at least offer a corner which is more isolated and mindfulness friendly. Make sure you have some good quality yoga mats and maybe even some serene music.

Offer yoga classes, ideally with a variety of yoga styles and levels. Ensure your instructors are certified and skilled in teaching yoga. Promote the benefits of yoga for stress reduction, flexibility, and overall mindfulness.

Read more about training to become a yoga instructor.

6. The Seniors

Help seniors stay fit with fun and easy classes

Seniors who visit the gym are usually focused on maintaining their health, mobility, and independence.

Ensure your gym is accessible and equipped with exercise options suitable for their needs, such as low-impact cardio machines, resistance bands, and stability balls.

To appeal to seniors, you should also offer classes designed to improve balance, flexibility, and overall strength, or have a seniors program. Make senior gym members feel comfortable, valued and encouraged to continue their fitness journey by offering classes tailored to this audience, or discounted personal trainer access at certain times of the day.

In your gym management software CRM, you should also try and segment seniors into a specific mailing list. You can then send them tailored marketing information offering advice on improving their physical activity and inviting them to classes.

7. The Busy Professionals

Help busy professionals with corporate fitness plans and scheduling

Busy professionals often struggle to find time for exercise due to their demanding schedules. Most will fit their workout into their work commute, either hitting the gym on way to or from work. This means there is often a gym rush hour, between 6am until 9am, and again between 4pm and 7pm.

These busy professionals are aware that they need to keep moving to avoid the negative impact of sedentary lifestyles.

To accommodate them, offer express workout options that provide maximum results in a shorter timeframe. Design efficient and effective workout routines that can be completed within 30 minutes or less.

Of course you'll also provide lockers, showers, and other amenities to make it convenient for them to fit their workout into their busy day.

And to make it easy for this target audience, offer flexible class schedules and consider a mixture of pre and post work classes, as well as lunchtime workout sessions to accommodate their availability.

We've also looked at how offering a corporate wellness program is a great way to partner with local businesses. By doing this you can either go into workplaces and offer classes ideal for this audience, such as Monday warm up or Thursday stress relief.

Or, you can offer local business workers a discounted rate or include your gym membership as part of their corporate wellness plan.

8. The Competitive Athletes

Even ultra competitive athletes need somewhere to train

Competitive athletes are driven by their passion for sports and performance. They seek top-notch facilities and equipment to support their training.

Make sure your gym is well-equipped with specialized sports training equipment, such as agility ladders, plyometric boxes, or sport-specific machines.

Offer training programs tailored to their specific sport or athletic goals. Consider organizing events or competitions to provide a platform for them to showcase their skills and encourage friendly competition.

9. The Social Butterfly

social butterflies can be seen in every gym

For some gym-goers, it's not just about the workout but also about socializing and connecting with others. You might see groups of friends gathering around the cable weight machine, or even working out together on the mats.

To encourage this target audience to make the most of your fitness center, you can include spaces within your gym where people can gather and interact. This can be a lounge area or even a juice bar, where people can make their fitness plans together and grab a few refreshments after their workout.

You can also organize social events, fitness challenges, or group workouts to encourage interaction and build a sense of community. Promote a friendly and inclusive atmosphere where people feel comfortable striking up conversations and making new connections.

10. The Weight Loss Warriors

Losing weight is a goal of many other gym goers

Weight loss warriors are determined to shed excess pounds and improve their overall health. They will often be focused heavily on cardio and will most likely also attend fat-burning classes such as HIIT, Crossfit or other targeted weight loss-related courses.

To support people on their weight loss journey:

  • Offer personalized weight loss programs that combine effective workouts with nutrition guidance.
  • Provide equipment and facilities that cater to their needs, such as cardio machines, body composition analyzers, or scales.
  • Create challenges or milestones to keep them motivated and track their progress.
  • Offer educational resources on healthy eating habits and provide support and encouragement throughout their weight loss journey.

The weight loss cohort can be a very broad age range, with everyone from young students through to retirees looking to shed those excess pounds.

Offer value in your email marketing by giving fat-burning tips or giving advice for eating healthy as part of a weight loss routine.

11. The Bodybuilders

keep body builders on the right track with weight training

Bodybuilders dedicate themselves to building muscle mass and sculpting their physique. This type of gym personality is most likely to know exactly what they want from their workouts and how to get it, and will most likely be focused on their goals in the weight room in any fitness center.

Of course, you should provide a well-equipped weightlifting area with a wide range of dumbbells, barbells, and resistance machines.

Make sure also that the gym has ample space for bodybuilding exercises, including squat racks and bench presses.

Even though this audience might be experienced, you can still offer specialized programs or training techniques tailored to their goals, such as progressive overload or hypertrophy-focused workouts.

Oh and of course, make sure to provide mirrors in the weightlifting area for them to admire their gains and perfect their form.

12. The Rehabilitation and Injury Recovery Seekers

Offer support to those recovering from injuries

These individuals are recovering from injuries or undergoing rehabilitation exercises. Offer a supportive environment with appropriate equipment, such as resistance bands, balance boards, or physiotherapy tools.

Ensure your trainers or fitness professionals have the necessary knowledge to guide them through safe and effective exercises.

You could also collaborate with physiotherapists or healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive rehabilitation programs tailored to their specific needs.

13. The Selfie Snappers

Influencers and selfie obsessed gym goers can be encouraged to share their journey

It might seem that these gym goers are only in the gym to take pictures of themselves in gym gear. And while they do like to keep their own audience updated in social media posts, they are also likely to be very body conscious.

Whether they are genuine fitness influencers, or they're just sharing their journey, you should make it easy for them to get great selfies and share them online.

Every gym should have plenty of good full-sized mirrors, which allow your gym goers to see their gains. Make sure you also have good lighting, and make sure to appeal to the selfie-obsessed crowd by getting them to post their selfies using your hashtag - or tag you in their posts.

You could then comment on their posts (for greater reach and engagement) or even offer membership rewards for a randomly chosen gym selfie using your branded hashtag.

#FitnessGoals #Gains #GymSelfie 💪

14. The Class Hoppers

You need quality gym equipment for fitness classes

Class hoppers love variety and are always looking for new challenges, and classes give them a way to enjoy the results of a fitness advisor without needing to hire a personal trainer. They enjoy exploring different workout formats and classes and will most likely also be in the classes for the social aspect too.

To cater to class hoppers, offer a diverse range of fitness classes, including dance, HIIT, cycling, or boxing. Keep your class schedule dynamic and exciting by introducing new formats, inviting guest instructors, or organizing themed workout events.

Emphasize the fun and engaging nature of your classes to attract this audience and keep them motivated to try something new.

Make sure to plan and schedule your classes using Arbox gym management software, to ensure you have enough variety and you avoid schedule clashes. With Arbox, you can also send out email bulletins reminding people that classes are coming up. And you can also take payments online for classes if additional payment is needed, or if guests from outside the gym might be attending.

15. The Fit Couple

potential clients for your gym can include fitness couples

This couple love to work out together and will often be seen spotting each other on the bench press, pushing each other to one more Russian twist or relaxing with a protein shake on the gym floor.

Embrace this specific demographic by offering joint or discounted gym memberships for couples or families.

Offer some fun group workouts that could appeal to couples, such as dance fitness, martial arts, Pilates or yoga or Crossfit.

16. The Families

families make such a diverse audience for fitness centers

When it comes to families at the gym, there are various reasons for them to go to the gym, or use gyms.

For some families, they might be getting in shape as a result of a new years resolution or to get ready for a holiday. Some might be using the gym to get fit for a specific event such as a ski holiday or hiking trip.

In some instances, it might also be post-partum fitness, where mom comes to workout while dad watches the baby (or they take it in turns).

To appeal to this broad audience, you can try some of the following ideas:

  • Offer family-friendly programs or classes where parents and children can participate together.
  • Create a safe and welcoming environment for children with a dedicated workout area and equipment for kids.
  • Offer family-specific workout times for example on weekends or during holidays.
  • Provide childcare services or supervised play areas to allow parents to work out without worrying about their little ones.
  • Offer family memberships or discounted rates for families to encourage them to join and make fitness a shared experience.
  • Offer a cafe or lounge area where parents can relax with the kids and take it in turns to work out.
  • Make sure to offer baby changing facilities on site also.

Not every gym will be able to accommodate younger fitness enthusiasts due to space availability, but you can certainly expand your appeal and attract a more broad range of gym goers.

17. The Tech Enthusiasts

a fitness expert using technology in the gym

Tech enthusiasts enjoy incorporating technology into their workout routines and will try all the latest equipment and tech crazes. You can embrace this audience by partnering with fitness tech providers such as fitness apps in your gym.

Provide fitness tracking devices so that your tech crowd can track their BMI or fitness levels, or even using AI workout suggestions both in the gym and at home. Make sure your own app integrates with popular fitness apps to allow them to monitor their progress.

You can also offer interactive workout equipment or virtual training options that leverage technology.

Of course, make sure that your gym has Wi-Fi access and charging stations for their devices.

18. The Health-Conscious Individuals

Health and wellbeing is part of the gym experience

Health-conscious individuals prioritize overall health and well-being, which might also include diet and healthy eating, mental health and, of course, physical fitness.

You could offer educational workshops or seminars on nutrition, stress management, and holistic health to appeal to this specific gym-going type.

Collaborate with nutritionists or wellness professionals to provide guidance on healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. You can also send health and wellness tips via your email marketing, and even offer general wellness courses on your website.

It will also help to create a peaceful and serene environment where they can unwind and focus on their well-being. Highlight the importance of a balanced approach to fitness and wellness across your brand, including on social media.

19. The Reluctant Gym Goer

Some gym goers don't want to be there

So far we've looked mostly at the crowd of people who love to go to the gym, or are at least happy to be there. However, there is one type of gym member who can easily be overlooked: the reluctant gym goer.

These people might have realized that they need to lose weight, or they are unfit, and joined the gym as sense of duty rather than with any genuine goal or purpose.

They might be spotted doing some basic workouts on the weights machines, or walking slowly on the treadmill. Their entire demeanor suggests that they probably would rather be somewhere else.

A great way to keep this audience type engaged is to offer an introductory personal training session (or two if you sense they're really not into it) for free. You could also offer a personalized fitness audit and plan to help them find their fire and start to enjoy working out.

Make a point of inviting new gym members to group training classes, and make sure that your staff are friendly, approachable and empathetic.

How Gym Management Software Can Help Manage Your Audience

Implementing gym management software can significantly streamline your operations and enhance member satisfaction. It's also a key component in keeping your gym business feeling like it is well run and organized, and contributes to improving member retention and engagement with their fitness plans.

Arbox offers fitness business owners a premium gym management experience, including:

  1. Membership Management: Simplify the process of signing up new members, tracking membership details, and managing renewals. Use Arbox to streamline membership payments and automate renewal reminders.
  2. Class and Schedule Management: Efficiently manage your class schedule and allow members to book classes online. Use Arbox to provide real-time updates on class availability and instructor changes, or remind people to bring equipment or to prepare for a certain type of workout.
  3. Attendance Monitoring: Use Arbox to track member attendance and identify trends. This information can help you understand class popularity, optimize scheduling, and identify areas for improvement.
  4. Communication and Engagement: With Arbox, you can use the communication features to send automated reminders, updates, and promotions to your members. You can use the mobile app or online platform to foster community engagement and facilitate member-to-member interaction.
  5. Performance Analytics: Generate reports and analytics on member engagement, class attendance, and revenue. This data can provide valuable insights into member preferences and help you make data-driven decisions to improve your offerings and marketing strategies.

By leveraging the capabilities of Arbox gym management software, you can optimize your operations, improve member satisfaction, and effectively manage your diverse audience. Software such as Arbox simplifies administrative tasks, allows for seamless communication, and provides valuable insights into member behavior.

Ultimately, it enables you to focus on creating a positive and engaging gym experience for everyone.

So, to summarize: Understanding the different types of individuals you'll encounter at the gym is great for creating a successful and inclusive fitness environment.

By tailoring your offerings to meet the diverse needs and preferences of your audience, you can attract and retain gym-goers of all types. Remember to provide a variety of workout options, maintain high-quality equipment, and prioritize member engagement. With the right approach and a focus on meeting their needs, you can create a gym experience that keeps people coming back for their regular workouts and achieving their fitness goals.

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