How to Increase Gym Revenue: 27 Ideas to Boost Business

How to Increase Gym Revenue: 27 Ideas to Boost Business

As a gym owner, finding new ways to increase gym revenue is essential for the growth and success of your business.

In today's competitive fitness industry, it's more important than ever to stand out and offer unique experiences to attract and retain members.

So in this post, we're going to explore 27 ideas to help you boost your gym's revenue and keep your business thriving. Some of them might take some investment from you, others might simply require some clever marketing strategies and maybe partnering with another business.

But done right, these could all help your fitness business thrive and add more to your bottom line.

1. Offer a Variety of Classes

One of the best ways to increase gym revenue is by offering a diverse range of classes that cater to different fitness levels and interests. Adding options such as yoga, Pilates, HIIT, spinning, crossfit and dance classes, could attract a wider audience and encourage members to try new workouts.

This variety not only keeps members engaged but also increases the likelihood of them recommending your gym to friends and family.

2. Host Special Events

Special events, such as fitness challenges, workshops, or charity fundraisers, can help you generate buzz around your gym and attract new members. These events make for great gym marketing opportunities, and can boost memberships. As a bonus, these events can also create a sense of community among existing members, keeping them buzzed about your brand and even spreading the word about your gym.

As a bonus, if you collaborate with local businesses, trainers, and fitness influencers this could increase your chances of success.

3. Sell Merchandise

Selling gym-branded merchandise, such as t-shirts, water bottles, and workout gear, can be a great way to generate additional income. Not only does this provide members with a convenient way to purchase fitness essentials, but it also helps promote your gym's brand outside the facility.

Think of gym brands such as Golds Gym, who use their branding to shift merchandise even for people who have never visited one of their fitness centers. While you might not be Gold's Gym level yet, you could definitely boost revenue with a good selection of merch.

fitness business owners can increase revenue by selling gym merchandise

4. Offer Personal Training

Personal training is an excellent way to increase gym revenue, as it provides a personalized, one-on-one experience for members looking to achieve specific fitness goals. By offering personal training services, you'll not only help members see better results but also create an additional revenue stream for your gym.

If your fitness center isn't a gym, but a dance club, martial arts dojo or yoga class, you could also offer one-on-one tuition or personalized coaching .

5. Expand Membership Options

Creating various membership tiers and pricing options can help you cater to different budgets and preferences. Offering options such as monthly, annual, or family memberships, you'll provide potential members with more choices and increase the likelihood of them joining your gym.

Consider also offering discounted rates for students, seniors, or military personnel to attract a wider audience.

6. Offer Nutrition Counseling

Partnering with a nutritionist or dietitian can add value to your gym memberships and help members achieve better results. By providing nutrition counseling services, you'll help members create personalized meal plans, learn about proper nutrition, and stay on track with their health goals.

Because food and fitness goals go hand in hand, this can be a potentially lucrative addition to your in-house fitness services.

This added service could also justify higher membership fees, further increasing your gym revenue.

7. Start a Referral Program

Encourage existing members to spread the word about your gym by offering a referral program. By offering incentives, such as discounted membership rates or free personal training sessions, members will be more likely to refer friends and family.

This word-of-mouth marketing is a cost effective method to attract new members without the high costs of traditional advertising. You could even offer a 'Bring a Buddy' day for a low additional cost to allow people to check out your gym services.

8. Offer Childcare Services

Providing on-site childcare services can be a game-changer for parents who struggle to find time for their workouts. By offering a safe and supervised environment for children, you'll attract more parents to your gym and increase the likelihood of them maintaining their memberships.

While not every gym could offer this (space and staff constraints are a major issue here), the added convenience is something that many busy moms are happy to pay for. If this isn't possible in your gym, you could also partner with a nearby childcare center to look after children while parents workout.

Definitely a clever way to increase gym revenue and make it easier for parents too.

improve your fitness center revenue by catering to parents and offering epic customer service

9. Partner with Local Businesses

Collaborating with local businesses can help you create exclusive discounts or promotions for your gym members, making your memberships more attractive. This could work both ways, with businesses also displaying ads or getting discounted access for their employees to your fitness center.

This strategy could help you attract new members while also supporting local businesses in your community.

10. Use Social Media

Social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter, are powerful tools for promoting your gym and its offerings.

Regularly posting engaging content, such as workout tips, member success stories, and upcoming events, will increase your gym's visibility and attract new members.

While this is one of the key marketing strategies for any fitness business, it can be a great way to improve local reputation, brand visibility and, in the long run, increase gym revenue too.

11. Upgrade Equipment and Facilities

While this might not seem like an obvious way to increase gym revenue, offering top quality equipment is an important part of the customer experience. And if you're focusing on member retention, you will definitely want to factor in equipment upgrades.

Members are more likely to stay loyal and recommend your gym if they have access to state-of-the-art equipment and well-maintained facilities. While gym equipment is a big outlay, you can factor in equipment upgrades over a period of time, for example every five years.

It's also a good idea to keep an eye on industry trends and invest in new equipment and technology if it fits with your brand and your customer goals.

increase revenue for your fitness services with quality equipment

12. Offer Online Classes

In the post-COVID fitness world, expanding your offerings beyond the physical gym space can open up new revenue streams. Providing online classes and workout programs is ideal for members who prefer to exercise from home or have busy schedules.

This can attract a wider audience, including those who live far from your gym or have limited time.

Offer a mix of live-streamed classes and on-demand videos to cater to different preferences. You could explore subscription-based models or one-time purchase options for online content to generate additional income.

This can also be a useful marketing strategy as people could sign up for one-off classes, helping you to increase your email list.

13. Provide a Rewards Program

A rewards program can encourage member engagement and loyalty while increasing gym revenue. Offer incentives for various activities, such as attending classes, referring friends, achieving fitness milestones, or purchasing merchandise.

Once earned, rewards can include discounts on membership fees, free personal training sessions, or exclusive access to special events. A rewards program not only motivates members to stay active but also creates a sense of belonging and appreciation.

A key part of the customer experience is feeling valued, and rewards offer a way to give back to your loyal members.

14. Host Corporate Wellness Programs

Targeting local businesses for corporate wellness programs can be a lucrative revenue source. So if you're looking at ways to increase gym revenue streams, look at offering packages to large local businesses.

A corporate wellness package may include:

  • In studio group classes
  • Monday morning yoga sessions in the office
  • Thursday afternoon stress relief
  • Nutrition workshops
  • Health assessments
  • Team building fitness classes

These corporate wellness programs not only generate revenue through contract agreements, but also expose your gym to a large number of potential members. And of course, building relationships with local businesses can lead to long-term partnerships and a steady stream of revenue.

offer private sessions to potential customers from local businesses

15. Offer Short-Term Memberships

Not everyone is ready to commit to a long-term gym membership. So by offering short-term membership options, such as day passes, weekly passes, or month-to-month contracts, you can attract individuals who are looking for flexibility or want to try out your gym before committing.

You can promote these options to tourists, business travelers, the 'digital nomad' or 'remote worker' contingent (if you're based in a popular remote working city); or simply target individuals who prefer a more casual approach to fitness. Short-term memberships provide an additional revenue stream without compromising long-term membership sales.

16. Install Vending Machines

Vending machines stocked with healthy snacks, protein bars, and supplements can generate additional revenue while providing convenience to your members.

Of course you'll need to choose vending machine options that align with your gym's focus on health and wellness. Ensure the products are high-quality, well-priced, and regularly restocked.

This is a simple way to boost revenue and add convenience and improved customer experience too. Vending machines can operate 24/7, creating a passive income stream for your gym.

17. Open a Café or Juice Bar

Many gyms and fitness centers thrive on the social element, so opening a café or juice bar within your gym can provide a great focus and additional gym revenue too.

With convenient and healthy options for members to refuel before or after their workouts, they might just stop for a protein shake, or smashed avo and eggs breakfast, and a quick chat with their gym buddies before heading to work.

Of course, you'll need to offer a variety of nutritious food options, but these can be sourced externally if you have limited space for food prep.

While you do need to invest in additional staff, food preparation areas, stock and certifications, adding refreshments to your gym or fitness business can be an excellent money spinner.

a cafe or juice bar can attract more clients and even help with customer retention

18. Sell Advertising Space

Make use of the available space within your gym by offering advertising opportunities to local businesses.

Many gyms will display advertisements on bulletin boards, in locker rooms, or on digital screens. Partner with local businesses, such as sports apparel brands, supplement companies, or wellness services, to showcase their products or services. You can also offer your advertising space to rent to out of home (OOH) advertising agencies

A great way to generate additional income while promoting complementary businesses to your members.

19. Offer Massage Therapy or Spa Services

Providing relaxation and recovery services can enhance the overall gym experience and increase revenue.

Consider offering services such as massage therapy, physiotherapy, or spa services within your fitness facility.

Members could book sessions to relieve muscle tension, improve recovery, or indulge in self-care. Hire qualified professionals or partner with local wellness practitioners to provide these services. You can also offer individual sessions or package deals to cater to different needs and budgets.

20. Host Local Social Events

Organizing local group outings or social events can help improve your brand visibility, and build a sense of community among your members while increasing gym revenue.

Plan outdoor activities such as fun runs, group fitness classes in local parks, or team-building events. These outings provide a fun and unique experience for your members, but could also attract new customers who want to be part of a supportive fitness community.

21. Improve Your Class Scheduling and Management

An often under looked method of improving gym revenue is by optimizing the time management of your existing staff. By taking a close look at shift times and working with your staff to offer better services, you can offer more personal training sessions or additional classes.

Using gym management software such as Arbox makes it much easier to keep track of what is happening at your gym, as well as helping people sign up online and taking payments.

You can also use Arbox to promote upcoming events and classes and ensure you get the best attendance. This isn't just great customer service, but also an efficient way to add more revenue to your fitness business.

22. Offer Outdoor Workout Sessions

Take advantage of the warmer months by offering outdoor workout sessions or classes. Host fitness boot camps, yoga sessions, or cycling groups in parks or outdoor spaces near your gym.

This appeals to members who enjoy outdoor activities and offers a refreshing change of scenery.

Promote these sessions as a unique and enjoyable way to stay fit, and make them available to non-members or drop-ins. This can help to build your audience, attract more new customers and is also just a fun thing to do...!

increase your gym revenue and get more members by sponsoring outdoor events

23. Rent Out Gym Space

Got space? You might have a whole underused floor or studio, or even a section that could be put to good use by freelance personal trainers in your area.

Identify potential renters, such as personal trainers, fitness instructors, dance clubs, school clubs or local sports teams, who need a professional space for their sessions. By renting out your gym space, you can generate additional income without interfering with your regular operations.

Make sure to adhere to local legal requirements though, with contracts, insurance and usage agreements.

24. Offer Membership Add-ons

Enhance the value of your memberships by offering additional services or amenities as add-ons. These can include perks like towel service, vitamin-enhanced water, access to exclusive classes, nutritional consultations, or personal training sessions at a discounted rate.

With these add ons, gym owners can increase gym revenue while also providing additional value to their members.

25. Collaborate with Influencers

Partnering with local fitness influencers or trainers can help expand your reach and attract new members. You'll need to collaborate with influencers who have a significant following and a positive reputation in the fitness community.

They can promote your gym, classes, and special events to their audience through social media posts, blog features, or even hosting guest workouts.

Influencers can provide invaluable exposure and credibility to your gym. While you do usually need to pay to partner with influencers, some smaller or local influencers who are building their audience may also form a partnership for perks such as free gym access.

An influencer can be anyone with over 1000 followers, although you'll want to partner with a social media profile who has a high engagement rate and ideally over 10,000 followers.

26. Create a Mobile App

Developing a mobile app specifically for your gym can enhance the member experience and streamline various processes, ultimately increasing revenue.

A mobile app can allow members to easily book classes, manage their memberships, track their progress, and access exclusive content such as workout plans.

You can also integrate features such as video guides, nutrition tips, and challenges to keep members engaged and motivated. You could also add in-app purchases for additional content or services to generate extra income.

increase your gym revenue and sell memberships with a gym app

27. Offer Seasonal Promotions

Running special promotions or discounts during specific times of the year can create excitement and attract new members. This is especially true during any low season, or if you are seeing a high churn rate.

Capitalize on seasonal trends and holidays by offering limited-time discounts, referral incentives, or package deals.

For example, you can have a "New Year, New You" promotion in January or a "Summer Shape-Up" offer in preparation for the beach season. These promotions not only generate immediate revenue but also provide an opportunity to showcase your gym to potential long-term members.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to increase gym revenue, whatever your fitness business. Whether you're offering discounted online personal training sessions, or coaxing new customers with free trials, having a plan to attract new customers can improve your monthly revenue in the long run.

However you are managing your gym promotions and memberships, make sure to use good quality gym management software.

Arbox offers an all-in-one gym management package, allowing you to manage memberships and classes, take payments, and track the results of your promotional efforts.

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