How to Improve Your Gym Business, Win More Clients & Make Bigger Profits

How to Improve Your Gym Business, Win More Clients & Make Bigger Profits

No business is the finished article, and this is especially true in the fitness business. And when it comes to improving gym membership sales and member retention, you'll need to understand what the customer wants.

Offering a regular process of improvements and upgrades might seem like a costly way to improve your gym business, but it doesn't have to be done in one lump. Knowing how to improve your gym business is often a few simple steps you can take over a period of time that can greatly improve your customer experience.

We're going to look at a few simple steps to improve your gym which should in turn increase gym membership sales and keep existing members happy too!

Why Do I Need To Improve My Gym?

In the competitive world of fitness and gyms, people have more choice than ever when it comes to where they spend their gym membership money. This means that keeping your own gym business up to standard is going to be important in the long run.

Fitness is also a social thing, and so people will talk and convince their friends to move to their gym. And if your gym offers a tempting extra touch, this can make the difference in attracting new members and increasing gym membership overall.

So with this in mind, how can you improve your gym experience for both new and existing members?

Step One: Enhancing Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone of any successful gym business. Providing exceptional experiences for your members will not only increase member satisfaction but also foster loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

When it comes to improving customer service there are a few steps that any gym business owner can take to make a big difference.

every fitness business needs to offer great customer service

1. Training and Empowering Staff

Your gym staff are the face of your business. This means that they need to be the friendly face at all times, offering help and assistance to all, as well as being inclusive and non-judgemental.

Of course, your staff have top-tier customer service skills already. But there is no harm in offering regular additional training on customer service best practice and running an occasional audit to ensure that they are up to the job.

You should also be sure to empower them to handle member inquiries, offer assistance, and address concerns promptly and professionally, without needing to check with the manager.

2. Streamline Your Online Experience

More than ever, people expect convenience and ease of access with website bookings, easy access to class schedules and even data about their fitness journey. Offering a smooth experience via your website for all customers is one of the best ways to keep current members happy and make it easy to attract new members.

Check the online experience for your website and see if there are any barriers to easy use.

Using gym management software such as Arbox can greatly improve the gym sales process, making it easy for customers to view membership options or classes, and sign up easily.

And best of all, Arbox will integrate easily with your existing website or landing pages, meaning you can improve gym sales in just a few clicks.

3. Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

A friendly and inclusive atmosphere can make a significant difference in how members perceive your gym.

One of the first things to do when new members join your gym is to send them an onboarding email. This can help orientate them to your gym and highlight services that they might not otherwise be aware of, for example, any free classes or taster sessions that might be available.

You can use your Arbox gym management software to automate sending a welcome email, and even follow-up emails as needed.

And of course, make sure your staff greet members with a warm smile, use their names, and make them feel valued and appreciated. Encourage your staff to engage in genuine conversations with members, without being pushy or salesy, which can go a long way to creating a sense of community and camaraderie.

4. Member Feedback and Surveys

It's good practice to regularly gather feedback from your gym members through surveys or suggestion boxes. Actively listen to their suggestions, complaints, and praise and use this valuable feedback to identify areas for improvement.

If you have gym management software such as Arbox, you can easily send out feedback requests. Or you can also ask people face-to-face in the gym for their opinions on the gym experience.

Step Two: Improving Equipment and Maintenance

The quality and condition of your gym equipment play a vital role in member satisfaction and safety. And while you might not be able to upgrade your equipment regularly, steps such as regular maintenance will help extend its life and keep members happy.

get more gym members by using quality fitness equipment

5. Maintenance Schedule

Make sure to implement a routine maintenance schedule to ensure all equipment is in top working condition. While some suppliers might offer this as part of their package, you might also need to train your staff to conduct regular inspections and promptly repair or replace any faulty equipment.

If equipment is faulty, make sure to promptly put up notices or make members aware that they can't use it for now.

Remember that faulty equipment can cause accidents which can have a huge negative impact on your gym business.

6. Equipment Variety

Of course, you have a good mix of equipment in your gym. But, you should be sure to diversify your gym equipment to cater to the needs of various members.

While it might depend what kind of gym you run, whether that's a Pilates studio, Crossfit gym or traditional fitness center, you will likely have factored the equipment in at the start of your business plan.

But there is no harm in offering equipment upgrades and bringing in some new machinery if you think it will add to the gym experience.

7. Equipment Upgrades

As part of the process of equipment maintenance and variety, you should also factor in upgrades every few years. Some equipment such as rowing machines, exercise bikes and other high-impact gym equipment can be worn down by the constant use over the years. And that tired and tatty look does not reflect well on your gym business!

Factor in spending on equipment upgrades as part of your fitness business strategy. Good equipment offers a positive first impression for gym members, and can help you improve the number of positive reviews your business gets.

Step Three: Expanding Class Offerings

Classes are a significant draw for gym members, as they provide structured and motivating workouts. They're also a great way to improve the community vibe in your gym, and can even be instrumental in membership sales and marketing efforts.

Yup, expanding your class offerings can attract new members and retain existing ones. So these steps can greatly help you improve your gym business and potentially mean more revenue for your business.

improve your fitness industry business with fun special classes

8. Market Research

While offering new classes is great, you should work out what your customers really want. Perhaps you already have a spin class, but you don't have a dance workout such as Zumba?

Or maybe some of your gym members would appreciate some more Les Mills Grit classes?

The best way to find out is to ask!

Use Arbox gym software to send out a questionnaire, or get your personal trainers to ask loyal customers what fitness classes they would like to see in the gym.

9. Hire or Partner With Instructors

To offer more personal training services or fitness classes, you'll need to hire certified and experienced instructors. But if adding more staff to your wage bill is not something you want to do right now, you could also partner with local fitness businesses to offer additional gym services in-house.

For example, hire a freelance yoga instructor to run yoga classes two or three days a week. Or, bring in local fitness influencers to run a high-intensity interval class.

As well as being a fun way to expand and improve your gym membership experience for members, it can also be a great marketing strategy.

By partnering with other fitness business owners, you can help each other to expand and reach a greater audience.

Don't forget to add your new classes or training sessions to your class schedule using Arbox!

10. Free Taster Sessions

Not everyone knows how awesome a PT or fitness class can be. So by offering free taster sessions such as free fitness classes or personal training sessions, you can help more people to enjoy these services.

This provides a risk-free opportunity for members to experience a class which can lead to increased sign-ups and attendance.

And as we all know, improved results with those fitness goals mean better satisfaction with your services! So there are lots of reasons to offer free sessions.

11. Theme-Based Workshops

Organize theme-based workshops or challenges that align with popular fitness trends. Examples include HIIT challenges, yoga workshops, or nutrition seminars.

Creating unique and exciting events can motivate members to participate and invite friends, ultimately boosting member engagement. And if you open these up to non-members, they can also be a great way to boost signups of new clients.

12. Member Appreciation Days

What better way of giving back to loyal members, than showing appreciation to your members by hosting member appreciation days?

You could offer special activities, giveaways, and exclusive discounts to make them feel valued and acknowledged for their dedication to your gym.

13. Social Events

Another fun way to expand the offerings in your gym is with social events. These might include networking sessions or fitness competitions, or even a singles fitness class to get people mingling with fellow lonely hearts.

These types of social gatherings can strengthen the sense of community among members and foster connections beyond workout classes.

increase gym membership sales with fun events in your gym

Step Four: Take Care of Facilities and Amenities

While equipment and classes are important, the physical environment of your gym plays a crucial role in member satisfaction and overall experience.

As the gym owner or manager, you probably have a good system of managing the facilities. But if you want to improve your gym business, keep clients and attract new members, these are all key steps in customer satisfaction.

14. Hygiene and Cleanliness

Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the facility goes without saying, of course. Nobody wants to work out in a dirty gym!

While your cleaning staff likely take good care of the facilities, it's good practice for the gym owner or manager to do regular spot checks. This means checking the restrooms, common areas, and those hidden corners of the fitness center.

In addition to this, make it easy for members to keep clean too. Display cleanliness and hygiene practices, such as hand sanitizing stations, to reassure members of their safety.

15. Comfort and Convenience

Invest in amenities that enhance member convenience and satisfaction.

Offer water stations, towel services, lockers, and comfortable seating areas. Providing these amenities can make the gym experience more enjoyable and convenient for members.

increase gym member retention by offering quality equipment and well maintained venues

Step Five: Embracing Technology

Incorporating technology into your gym operations can streamline processes and enhance member engagement.

In fact, more than ever, technology plays a large part in the gym experience. These are some of the processes you can embrace to make to improve your gym business and make the experience better for both new and existing members.

16. Use Gym Management Software

Using gym management software helps to streamline operations, handle membership registrations, track attendance, and manage payments effectively. Tools such as Arbox gym management software are designed to help fitness businesses run smoothly and make it easy to manage gym memberships, marketing strategies and class schedules.

Automation can save time and reduce administrative burdens and Arbox offers a complete suite for fitness business owners to take control of their day to day operations and improve the experience for everyone.

17. Offer a Mobile App

If possible, aim to develop a user-friendly mobile app for your gym, allowing members to easily book classes, receive notifications, and access workout routines and progress tracking.

There are also tools you can integrate to help gym members track their fitness journey, and they could even receive messages and updates too. Arbox gym management software can integrate with your apps so that members track their upcoming classes, manage their gym membership and even buy merchandise through your shop.

18. Social Media Presence

Using social media channels to engage with your members is more important than ever for any fitness brand. Even if you have a website, you should have social media such as Instagram or TikTok to share fitness tips, promote events, and showcase success stories.

While using social media is not necessarily a business improvement step, it can help to increase gym sales, improve your brand visibility and even give your members a way to interact with you (thereby improving your customer service).

If you don't already, make sure to take social media seriously as part of your gym experience.

Read more about managing social media for your fitness business...

Using Arbox to Improve Your Gym Business

As made-for-purpose gym management software, Arbox is designed to help fitness businesses of all sizes to optimize their operations. Whether you're looking to attract new customers or make your experience better for current members, Arbox can help.

From improving class scheduling to managing memberships, to communications and connecting with your personal trainers, Arbox is perfect for everyone from big gym businesses to boutique fitness services.

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